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Asked by Families

Can you help us during the COVID-19 pandemic?

We understand your anxieties at this time, and we will work with you to find the type of care you are comfortable with. Because our Doulas do not have multiple clients, we can keep the risk of transmission to a minimum. If you wish, we can wear masks with Perspex windows, gloves, aprons and can also bring changes of clothes with us. Alternatively, if you would prefer a more relaxed approach, we can achieve this through detailed risk assessments.

How is Dementia Doulas Ltd different from a care agency?

We do not provide short visits to cover personal care, but longer visits that are tailored to the needs of the family and client. We aim for your family to have one Doula who will provide respite in your home whenever you need it.

Are you registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC)?

No. The CQC states that you do not need to register if you work for a client and their family if they take responsibility for the provision of their own care, whether it’s under a personal budget or private arrangement. We do not cover ‘care calls’ that are aimed at personal care.

Why should I have a Doula rather than a standard carer?

A Doula does not focus primarily on the physical needs of the client, as we are concerned with holistic care including the welfare of the family. Your Doula can either be with the client while you take a well-earned break, or we can get on with the chores while you spend time with your loved one.

How do I book a Doula?

Initially, you can contact us via email or phone. Once a suitable Doula has been selected (meaning you have met, and they fit into your lifestyle) then we are happy for you to contact them directly. Our office team will always be here if you have any queries or issues.

Is there a minimum visit time?

We advise that our Doulas work for a minimum of 2 hours. This is so we can build good relationships and not rush our contact time.

Are you insured?

Yes, all of our Doulas have to use either carer personal assistant public liability insurance or our comprehensive insurance to be registered with us.
Furthermore, if your Doula has their own car and you request them to drive with a client on board, they all have car insurance for ‘business use’.

How do you protect my privacy?

All of your personal information is used in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

What happens if my Doula can’t work?

This is up to you. You can rearrange another day or time suitable to you and the Doula or we will find an alternative Doula to cover their shift.

Can the Doula cook and clean?

We do whatever we can to make your lives less stressful and promote the client’s independence at the same time. If the client likes/is used to home cooked food, then we can create meals to satisfy their taste. We are happy to share or do housework to keep the accommodation safe and clean.

What if we don’t get on with the Doula?

We introduce you to your Doula before any contracts are signed so you can decide if they fit into your family before we even begin. However, if things don’t go smoothly, we will be happy to discuss any issues and, ultimately, we can change anything.

Are all your Doulas checked and references taken?

Yes, all our Doulas have had an enhanced criminal search undertaken and we contact at least two referees. We do not employ anyone without an exemplary record.

Are your Doulas trained?

All our Doulas have ongoing training in our methods and philosophy. The vast majority are people who have worked extensively in the care sector and have chosen to move to our service. Most also have other qualifications in holistic care, mindfulness, nutrition and so on. If a Doula does not have formal care training, it is because they have proved to us that they have exceptional empathy and personal experience of Dementia in loved ones.

Asked by Doulas

How can I join?

There are two ways to be part of our amazing team. You can either be self-employed or an employee, so take a look at our join us page to see what suits you best. We pay our employees great rates, and as a Self-Employed Licensee you will get to choose your own fees.

Do I need to wear a uniform?

You will not be expected to wear any uniform.

What are the minimum working hours?

2 hours per visit.

What are you looking for in a Dementia Doula?

Compassion, reliability, intelligence and versatility.

Do I need any qualifications or previous experience?

No, the qualities above are more important!

Do you provide training?

We will teach you about our unique person/family centred approach. We provide you with transferable accredited qualifications and will guide you through the process of becoming self-employed.

Do I need to be self-employed before I start?

No, you do not need to be registered as self-employed before you start your first job with a client.

Do you have advice for staying safe when visiting people’s homes?

We recommend Suzy Lamplugh Trust for advice and information on staying safe and minimising the risks of working alone.

As a private Doula, you are in control over where you do and do not work.

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