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Dementia Care Jobs Cheltenham

If you are interested in Dementia care jobs in Cheltenham and the surrounding areas of the Cotswolds, join us! At Dementia Doulas Ltd, we assist families who are caring for a loved one at home but need well-earned breaks to pursue their own hobbies or catch up with friends and family. You will become like a paid friend and companion who they trust to provide consistency and support. A Doula does not provide personal, medical care as instead our main focus is to support the whole family so both they and the client can have the best possible quality of life.

To find out more about our available positions, please get in touch with us today.

Why Join Us?

When you join us, you will be part of a company that fully supports you. Furthermore, you will receive bonuses for introducing us to new clients and bringing in new members of the team.

Throughout the year, we also run regular FREE introductory sessions around the UK for anyone interested in finding out more. Due to current restrictions, we will be running these sessions on Zoom. Contact us today to book your place.

There are two ways in which you can be part of the team:

Pleasant caring woman helping with rehabilitation her disabled grandmother


This means that you will be self-employed while working under the umbrella of Dementia Doulas Ltd. You will have the rights to our branding, and trade as an official Dementia Doula while working with our clients. You will benefit from our advertising and media coverage, and we will assist you with finding clients.

Old man gets comfort and hope from a nursing wife and is happy

As An Employee

As an employee, you will benefit from all of the above, plus standard provisions such as a pension, pro rata annual leave, statutory sick pay and you will not need to fill in a tax return.

One Doula's Story

“For many years I have worked in the care sector but had found myself losing my passion for a job that meant so much to me, when I stumbled across the advertisement to become a Dementia Doula. Dementia is also a passion of mine and I quickly applied for the job as I had seen in my previous jobs how much support those who care for a person with Dementia need but are very often overlooked.

When I met Mary it was like a breath of fresh air, her passion for supporting those who care for someone with Dementia just shone through and I knew straight away that this job was for me. In the weeks that followed I also saw that not only was Mary passionate about clients but her staff as well. Becoming a Dementia Doula has given me back my passion and I love what I do.”

Join Dementia Doulas Ltd

To find out more about our Dementia Care jobs in Cheltenham and across Gloucestershire, get in touch with us today. You can enjoy flexible working hours while being part of a friendly and welcoming team. With your clients, you will become part of the family, providing companionship and support that suits their needs and lifestyle.

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