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Dementia Care

Dementia Home Care Cheltenham

We provide Dementia home care in Cheltenham and the surrounding areas. A Doula offers support and companionship for the client (as well as their family) which enables them to stay at home and have the best possible quality of life. A Doula is not a healthcare professional, as instead, we focus on supporting our clients through daily tasks, promoting their independence and much more. Furthermore, our role also extends to the rest of the family, giving you support, understanding and advice – as well as providing respite care so you can take a well-earned break. Whether you need us to accompany your loved one on a day trip or spend an afternoon with them while you run some errands, we offer a range of services to suit your needs and lifestyle.

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Dedicated Companionship

When providing home support and companionship, it important to work with their individual capabilities and requirements. Each client of ours will have their own dedicated Doula, as this allows us to build a strong and trusted relationship with the client and their family. We can understand their needs and the type of support they require, as we can assist people with all types of Dementia including:

Every member of our team goes through training before their first visit with a client, as we take the time to teach all of our Doulas about our unique person/family centred approach. Our team are caring, compassionate and reliable, so contact us today for more information on our services.

Support For The Family

Our support extends to the family members who are caring for their loved one, as our focus is to improve the wellbeing of everyone involved. If you have become a full-time carer for your loved one, we can provide respite services in your home whenever needed so you can take some personal time for yourself. We can also give you peace of mind that one of us is supporting regularly if you can’t visit as often as you’d like. We can work around your schedule to ensure you get the breaks you need to rest or socialise with friends.

Find out more about living with Dementia by reading our blog post.

Choosing Between Our Doulas or a Care Home

Doula at Home

  • Remain living in familiar surroundings of own home and local environment enabling longer independence.
  • Maintaining routines.
  • Good value for money – you pay for the times/days you need.
  • Always 1:1 care.
  • Complete knowledgeable support for the client and the family.
  • Two way communication at all times.
  • Philosophy of wanting the client and family to live their ‘best life’ whatever that means to them.
  • Consistency of care. We aim for just one Doula per client.
  • Home cooked food the way you like it.
  • Accompanied trips out to the pub, for a walk, to see friends etc.

Care Home

  • Upheaval to unfamiliar surroundings.
  • Leaving behind friends, pets and family.
  • Visits are very restricted in the current climate.
  • Leaving the space and lifestyle of living at home.
  • Single room, shared sitting room and dining room.
  • Meals at set times and set menus.
  • Confusing new routines and rules.
  • High turnaround of staff.
  • Potentially noisy/distressed residents.
  • Higher number of falls for Dementia sufferers.
  • More emergency hospital admissions.

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